Host a Trial

Participatory variety performance using SeedLinked software moves beyond the limits of research station testing and protocol and is adapted to work well with what growers are able to observe.


This software was originally developed by Dr. Jacob Van Etten and his colleagues at Bioversity and validated through multiple years of testing and peer reviewed publications.


Our testing functionalities and statistical methods remove the logistical barriers associated with many testing sites, decrease testing costs, and provide a simple way to gather and analyze valuable data from grower groups, independent plant breeders, universities, and nonprofit organizations alike.


  • Write project details: goals, traits, etc.
  • Describe varieties
  • Select targeted testing regions
  • Invite participants
  • Randomization
  • Packaging/shipping list
  • Seed distribution
  • Submit to observer dashboard



  • Data tracking
  • Send reminder(s)
  • Communicate with observer(s)
  • Automated data quality processing
  • Data analysis
  • Submit results to observer(s) and breeder(s)
  • Add new data to network


Live data

  • Decrease decision making turnaround times