Join Our Open 2021 Collaborative Trials!

Consider taking part in the work of SeedLinked by joining our network of collaborative trialers across North America!

When you join a collaborative trial you’re making it easier to:

Find and buy the best seed for your bioregion and market

Have access to full seed performance data

Know the origin and story of your seed

When you sign up for a collaborative trial you commit to:

Planting and tending the seeds you receive during the appropriate growing season for your location

Using SeedLinked to rate and review the varieties you were provided by the trialing organization

Submitting your reviews through SeedLinked at the end of your growing season

We work hard to make your trialing experience as simple and intuitive as we can. It will be fun, interactive, and surprisingly easy!

SeedLinked-Run Collaborative Trials in 2021

SeedLinked runs a number of open trials every year to help address pressing concerns for growers, seed companies, and independent plant breeders, and fill the gaps in the seed data we are able to offer. Consider joining one of our available trials this year to get started or continue you journey with us!

Besides SeedLinked-run trials many other organizations run collaborative trials with us, some open only to their networks, and some open to our broader SeedLinked trialing family. Keep reading to learn about other organizations running open trials in 2021, and how you can get involved in those trials!

SKC – Seed to Kitchen Collaborative Trials

The Seed to Kitchen Collaborative is run by Dr. Julie Dawson and her team from UW Madison’s Department of Horticulture, and connects plant breeders focused on organic systems to farmers and chefs in the Upper Midwest, with the goal of creating delicious, well-adapted vegetable varieties for local organic production. Sign up to join one or more SKC trials at the links below!

SKC Trials for Farmers (Midwest region only) in 2021

SKC Trials for Gardeners (Midwest region only) in 2021